1. Interactive Guidelines and Training in Implementation of the Good Practice of Public Engagement

    EE0006, 2012, Public Participation

  2. Overview of Ministries’ Work Processes

    EE0008, 2012, Capacity Building

  3. Integration of Impact Assessment Into the Process of Public Engagement

    EE0009, 2012, Democratizing Decision-Making

  4. Visualisation of the Policy Making Process

    EE0016, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  5. Upgrading Participation Channels

    EE0017, 2014, Public Participation

  6. Improving Government Website

    EE0018, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  7. Standard for Information Requests

    EE0019, 2014, Public Participation

  8. Early Notice on Policy-Making Processes

    EE0020, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  9. Participation in Early Stage Policy-Making

    EE0021, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  10. Early Access to Tax Policy Decisions

    EE0022, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  11. Better Feedback Mechanism

    EE0023, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  12. Selecting and Funding Participation Projects

    EE0024, 2014, Civic Space

  13. Web Tool for Submission of Collective Memoranda

    EE0025, 2014, Democratizing Decision-Making

  14. Civil Servant Guidelines for Participation

    EE0026, 2014, Capacity Building

  15. Training Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

    EE0027, 2014, Capacity Building

  16. Supporting Nongovernmental Open Data Use

    EE0038, 2014, Access to Information

  17. e-Tax and Customs Board 2020

    EE0039, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  18. Reducing Bureaucracy and a Simpler State – the Zero Bureaucracy Project

    EE0040, 2016, Capacity Building

  19. Implementation of the Principles of Open Governance at Local Level as a Result of the Administrative Reform

    EE0041, 2016, Capacity Building

  20. More Inclusive Policy-Making on a Central Government Level

    EE0042, 2016, Democratizing Decision-Making

  21. Increase of the Engagement Capacity of State Authorities and Participation Capacity of Nongovernmental Organisations in Policy-Making

    EE0044, 2016, Capacity Building

  22. Intensify Participatory Budgeting on a Local Level

    EE0045, 2016, Fiscal Openness

  23. Increasing the Transparency of the Funding of Non-Governmental Organisations

    EE0046, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  24. Defining Participatory Democracy and Development of Digital Competence in School Education

    EE0047, 2016, Capacity Building

  25. Transparent and Inclusive Policy Making

    EE0048, 2018, Democratizing Decision-Making

  26. Inclusive Policy-Making

    EE0049, 2018, Capacity Building

  27. National and Local Government Action Plans

    EE0051, 2018, Local Commitments

  28. Participatiory Democracy Capacity-Building

    EE0053, 2018, Capacity Building

  29. Increasing the capacity for co-creative policy-making within government authorities

    EE0054, 2020, Capacity Building

  30. Increasing the capacity for co-creative policy-making within local governments

    EE0055, 2020, Capacity Building

  31. Developing a Co-Creation Workspace

    EE0058, 2022, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  32. Expert Group on Open Government

    EE0059, 2022, Capacity Building

  33. Piloting the Arvamusrännak Discussions

    EE0060, 2022, Public Participation