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Rethinking Public Policies from a Gender Perspective

Learn about Argentina's efforts to integrate gender and diversity perspectives into Argentina’s fourth open government national action plan as a tool for mainstreaming into future open government commitments.

Mainstreaming The Gender and Diversity Perspective into Argentina’s Fourth Open Government Action Plan

English and Spanish versions of the executive summary are available as web text and PDFs below. The full document is available in Spanish on Government of Argentina's website here. Annex: Mainstreaming the Gender and Diversity Perspective Into the Fourth Open…

OGP Strategy – Homepage

Creating OGP’s Future Together: Draft Strategy

Share your feedback on OGP's draft strategy for 2023-2028.

OGP Strategy – Phase 2 Report Hero

Creating OGP’s Future Together: Phase 2 Report

Explore a summary of the process and emerging insights from the second phase of co-creating OGP's 2023-2028 strategy and learn how to get involved.

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Three Strategies for Community Justice

Explore three ways advocates in Tijuana, Mexico, are engaging the community and using open justice and artistic approaches to allow citizens to more fully exercise their rights and improve relations between migrants and authorities.