2022 Open Gov Week in Morocco

What’s in the 2021 National Action Plans

Explore findings from the 23 action plans submitted by OGP member countries during the 2021 submission period.

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Open Gov Week 2022: Renewing Democracy, One Action at a Time

Throughout the years, Open Gov Week has shown that the open government community is stronger when it works together to build stronger societies and more resilient democracies. This year was no exception. Here are few highlights from this year’s Open Gov Week.

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Parliamentary Engagement in National OGP Processes: Menu of Options (2022)

This document complements the Memorandum on Parliamentary Engagement, adopted by the OGP Steering Committee in November 2021. It captures the approaches taken by a growing number of OGP members, illustrating how parliaments can participate in OGP and help advance the…


Guidance for OGP Parliamentary Action Plans (2022)

The Memorandum on Parliamentary Engagement adopted by the OGP Steering Committee in November 2021 outlines three models for parliamentary engagement in OGP: direct participation in the national or local OGP process; stand-alone open parliament plans (hereby known as OGP parliamentary…

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Parliamentary Engagement in OGP Webinars

Join this webinar to learn more about the 2021 Memorandum of Parliamentary Engagement and other key materials, which set out the rationale, approach and opportunities for parliamentary engagement in OGP.