SC Meeting 2020

The Steering Committee Lays Tracks for OGP’s Second Decade

As all of our lives have quickly become dominated by the impact of COVID-19, I hope all are safe and healthy and adapting to our new reality.  During the last week in February, I had the pleasure of welcoming the…


Further, Farther, Faster

On this International Women’s Day, we’re reflecting on what OGP has learned over the past year and where we hope to take inclusive open government in 2020.


United for an Open Digital Future

Freedom of expression is an important sign of a thriving democracy, including across constantly emerging digital platforms and social media.


Not One Woman More, Not One Woman Less

In Argentina, a woman is killed every 34 hours from gender-based violence (GBV) crimes. GBV is one of the biggest and most frequent human rights violations in the country and is a significant factor in public health and safety. In response, almost 300,000 citizens joined the Ni Una Menos (Not One Less Woman) movement...

Justicia Abierta

Justice For All: Open Justice Moves Forward in Latin America

Governments and judiciaries in Latin America are innovating through the implementation of open government policies in the justice sector.