The Challenge Ahead for Latin America: From Participation to Results

After the third wave of democratization from the late 70s to the 2000s, Latin America saw the growth of professional civil society organizations (CSOs) and the legal recognition of citizen participation in public policy decision making. By the time the…

Brazilian Open Government Summit 2019

Opening Debate: Challenges for Practicing Feminist Open Government in Brazil

When Brazilian civil society organizations, including Article 19 Brasil, started being part of regional and international conferences and conversations on open government, they felt that a Brazilian approach was necessary. These organizations needed a national space for sharing experiences and…


Charting the Next Three Years for OGP

To tackle challenges of democratic backsliding and shrinking civic space and to better implement OGP's mission and vision, we're launching a three-year plan. Share your feedback!

Silvana Faces of Open Gov

Faces of Open Government: Silvana Fumega

Meet Silvana Fumega, a researcher and advocate for open data and feminist open government.


Gender Equality is 108 Years Away. Can Open Gov Close the Gap?

This article was originally published on Apolitical here. According to the World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap report, we are 108 years away from achieving gender equality, with persistent gaps in the economy significantly larger than those in health and education. Where data…