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Women’s Empowerment Plan in Afghanistan

[related_sidebar] This example was featured in the OGP 2020 Annual Report. Read the full report here. In Afghanistan, the inclusion of diverse groups has influenced commitments in the latest action plan. Having learned from past efforts, the government has committed…

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Online or Offline, Citizen Engagement Needs to Be Underpinned by Core Open Government Principles

Twaweza shares their unique approach for including citizens in the decisions that impact their lives and offers insights on what they've learned along the way.

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Mainstreaming Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in Open Government

The evidence is clear: we know that inequality exists and that it violates the rights of women, the LGBTIQA+ community, people living with disabilities, indigenous peoples and other collectives. We know that these gaps and inequalities increase with intersectionality. We…

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Overcoming Women’s Barriers to Participating in Entrepreneurship and Public Procurement in Africa

Despite positive steps taken on international, regional and national levels to promote strategies for women’s economic empowerment and inclusion, evidence still suggests that women are being excluded from public procurement processes.

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Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box: The Biden Imperative

The nation and the world breathed a giant sigh of relief as Joe Biden assumed the Presidency declaring “Democracy has prevailed.” Despite months of disinformation, culminating in the dangerous attempted coup, America weathered attacks on its most sacred foundation: the ballot box.