Illustration of EUPAN DG Meeting Panel on The Role of, Trust, AI, and Ethics in Public Admin

The 4 Cs to More Ethical, Transparent, and Accountable Public Administrations

We often talk about the role of politicians in fixing the trust deficit, but what can bureaucracies do?


What’s Next for Open Government in the Nordics

The Nordics top the rankings on good governance, showing strong institutions, rule of law, and high levels of public trust See what they're doing in OGP.

Is there place for distrust in a democracy?

Open Gov week in Finland discusses trust, migrants’ participation and brings people together at Open Government Fair   In Finland, we held our own Open Gov Week in March. Our biggest event was a fair that brought together the different…

100th OGP National Action Plan Published

Finland has today published the 100th Open Government Partnership action plan since the initiative launched in 2011. These plans have contained over 2000 specific open government reform commitments, representing a remarkable effort from the 65 governments participating in OGP and…

Nordic Countries Meeting in Berlin Exchanging Experiences

In October 2014 OGP-executive officers from the public administration in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden met in Berlin. The main purpose was to discuss and exchange experiences about OGP Actions Plans. In addition we wanted to learn more about the…