Mexico – Public Care Services – Credit- Matthias Zomer via Pexels

Win-Win: How Improving Public Care Empowers Women

Mexico has conducted a pilot project that highlights the shortcomings of the public care system and how the burden of making up for them falls disproportionately on women. By listening to those most affected, concrete solutions and public policy recommendations are offered to improve care and alleviate gender inequality.

Regulatory Goverance Cover Art

Mexico Must Establish Democratic Controls over State Surveillance

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Lessons from the Pegasus Project: Reforming Surveillance Through Open Gov

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Meaningfully Committing to Gender Equality

The Generation Equality Forum (GEF) inspired a collective 40 billion dollars dedicated to accelerating gender equality worldwide, programmatic commitments...


OGP as a Key Partner to Implement the Escazu Agreement

We have a unique opportunity. OGP is an excellent, established platform that can be used to implement the principles and obligations in the Escazú Agreement, especially ...