Lessons from Reformers: South Africa’s Push for Open Access to Legislation

South Africa particularly benefited from providing open access to legislation and set an example that other countries can follow.

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Citizens Monitoring Public Budgets

Civil society organizations in South Africa partnered with the government to create a public service accountability monitor.

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Institutionalizing Community Paralegals: The South African Experience

Lessons from Reformers: Serving as grassroots advocates, community paralegals act as first responders to injustice in their communities.


Securing human dignity through the lens of open governance

It has been exactly one year since I had the incredible honour of speaking at the opening of the 5th Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership in Tbilisi, Georgia. What made the occasion special for me, being South African,…


South Africa – Citizens Track Public Expenditure and Propose New Projects

Coined the rainbow nation to encapsulate the coming together of many different people, South Africa has been a global leader in budget transparency.