1. Putting Public View the Advancements of Funds

    GT0010, 2012, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  2. Be Transparent Advances of Funds Agency Loans and Grants, Counterparty and Component

    GT0019, 2014, Civic Space

  3. Open Budget Implementation in All Web Portals

    GT0026, 2014, Fiscal Openness

  4. Promote Transparency and Accountability in the Management of Natural Resources to Ensure That Revenues from Extractive Industries Are Used to Generate Social Welfare.

    GT0028, 2014, Extractive Industries

  5. Publication of All Documents Related to the Budget

    GT0040, 2014, Fiscal Openness

  6. Post Tax Collection Targets and the Annual Plan of Collection, Monitoring and Control

    GT0046, 2014, Fiscal Openness

  7. Starred commitment Transparent Exemptions and Tax Holidays

    GT0047, 2014, Civic Space

  8. Mechanisms of Accountability in Local Governments

    GT0076, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  9. Transparent Actions in the Integrated Management for Disaster Risk Reduction.

    GT0077, 2016, Aid

  10. Moving Towards Actions to Budget Process Open and Participatory

    GT0078, 2016, Capacity Building

  11. Actions to Advance Code Compliance and Fiscal Transparency Manual International Monetary Fund (IMF)

    GT0079, 2016, Capacity Building

  12. Starred commitment Actions to Improve Quality and Availability of Budget Information

    GT0080, 2016, Capacity Building

  13. Actions to Advance to Recruitment Open Regime

    GT0081, 2016, Anti Corruption and Integrity

  14. Starred commitment Transparency Actions to Advance Tax

    GT0082, 2016, Access to Information

  15. Progress in Implementing the Model First Level Health Care

    GT0083, 2016, Capacity Building

  16. Actions for Further Progress in Adopting Standards on International Tax Transparency, Procurement and Contracting.

    GT0106, 2018, Access to Information

  17. Actions to Advance the Presentation and Availability of Budgetary Information.

    GT0107, 2018, Access to Information