Yerevan hackathon

Chasing after Collective Intelligence: Crowdsourcing Widely and Wisely – Armenia

“When will it finally be our turn to use water? I’ve seen my neighbor water his crops ten times by now, but the water distribution hasn’t reached us even once this month! I cannot understand this water register at all,”…

Photo for Huff Post privacy blog

Who Owns our Companies: Why Privacy isn’t Always in the Public Interest

At the opening ceremony of the OGP Summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted some of the challenges involved in regulating social media giants like Facebook and Google.  Scandals from Cambridge Analytica and beyond have raised genuine concerns around privacy…

Old ruins of castle in Ohrid, Macedonia

Seven OGP Countries Addressing Assembly

Lessons from Reformers: The European Center for Not-for-profit Law (ECNL), an innovative project on freedom of assembly, assessed seven OGP countries in Central and Eastern Europe for relevant law and practices between 2017 and 2019.

IEP Meeting

Engaging Citizens Can Be a ‘Win-Win’ Approach

It is never easy to set the limits of citizens’ engagement in participatory policymaking. The sky is usually too high, but a useful approach is: “consult early, consult often”. But how early is early, and how often is often –…

Building on the Momentum: Co-creation Insights from Armenia

The creation of the fourth OGP action plan in Armenia coincided with a defining moment in the country. In April-May 2018, nationwide anti-government protests, referred to as the Velvet Revolution, led to drastic changes in the country’s political leadership, giving…