Stopping the Next Wolf of Wall Street: A Global Solution

This blog is also published on GovInsider. When the producers of Wolf of Wall Street, a movie about rampant corruption and fraud at the expense of investors, settled with the U.S Justice Department for $60m in March this year, it…

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Ukraine’s National Beneficial Ownership Register Goes Global

Lessons from Reformers: The government of Ukraine committed to an open registry as part of its 2016–2018 OGP action plan...

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Companies Care about Company Ownership

Lessons from Reformers: Many companies and related business and industry associations see it in their interest to support beneficial ownership registers.

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Using Slovakia’s Beneficial Ownership Register for Impact

Lessons from Reformers: Along with Denmark, Slovakia was one of the first countries to publish beneficial ownership information.

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Nigeria’s Push for Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Procurement and in the Extractives Sector

Lessons from Reformers: As a resource-rich country that has been plagued by grand corruption, beneficial ownership transparency has emerged as an important tool in Nigeria.