OpenStories video featured – Italy

Alessandra Fights for Her Community

In Italy, the use of EU funds has long been mismanaged. With OpenCoesione and its school program “A Scuola di OpenCoesione”, thousands of students are learning how to monitor EU funds for a more inclusive, participatory, and accountable society.


How Can We Get EU Recovery Right?

OGP brought together EU officials, national governments and civil society representatives, gathering three actionable ideas that European leaders can adopt for a strong, inclusive, and sustainable recovery.


OpenCoesione: Making EU Funds Expenditure More Transparent

Italy’s online platform OpenCoesione publishes both budgets and expenditures of European Union Cohesion Funds and Italian National Funds for territorial development to make public spending more transparent for its citizens.


Cracking Co-Creation: The Why, the How and the What

As we mark 10 years since OGP’s founding, making sure 2021 action plans are born out of an inclusive co-creation process and reflect societal needs is as crucial as ever.

Open Gov Week Recap 2021

Open Gov Week 2021: Co-Create, Implement, Renew

Open Gov Week (OGW) has always been about scaling up our efforts and advancing open government in our communities. But this year, OGW offered a unique opportunity...