Faces of Open Government: David Wuyep and Aysha Karafi

For Faces of Open Government, we sit down with two members of The Open Government Leadership Collaborative. See insights on their new year goals in open gov, and how the cohort has helped strengthen their leadership capacities.

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Part 2: The Next Chapter for Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Nigeria

Explore Nigeria’s next chapter in advancing beneficial ownership transparency, from their engagement in OGP to a recent visit from the OGP Support Unit to discuss the sustainability of reforms ahead of elections.

OGP Leaders Network Cover

Reflections from the OGP Leaders Network Pilot Program

The OGP Leaders Network Program Over the years, OGP has evolved as a prominent platform for thematic reform and ambition, and initiatives like the OGP Leaders Network (2020-2021) have catalyzed thematic leadership across the Partnership. The Leaders Network was designed…


Nigeria Joins Seven Countries in Leading The Fight to Stop the Anonymous Flow of Illicit Funds

Nigeria was recognized today by the Open Government Partnership for its pioneering work to fight corruption through...

Open Government Partnership – Nigeria – November 2021

Part 1: Building Political Will for Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Nigeria

Learn how Nigeria is achieving key milestones in beneficial ownership transparency through their engagement in OGP – from gaining political will within key institutions to navigating conversations between government, businesses, and civil society.