Diverse team of creative millennial coworkers in a startup brainstorming strategies

OGP’s Approach to Peer Exchange: The Example of Beneficial Ownership

Peer exchange is an essential component of the OGP model. Learn how it can inspire reformers, provide a safe space for discussing common challenges, serve as a platform of joint problem solving, and strengthen the sense of community among reformers.

Open Gov Week Recap 2021

Open Gov Week 2021: Co-Create, Implement, Renew

Open Gov Week (OGW) has always been about scaling up our efforts and advancing open government in our communities. But this year, OGW offered a unique opportunity...

OGW Opening Plenary – Website

Recovering from COVID-19 & Renewing Democratic Values: Open Gov Week Opening Plenary

Join us for the opening plenary of Open Gov Week 2021!


Open and Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccine: A Must for Africa

Open and equitable access to vaccines will protect lives, livelihoods and ensure African economies recover quickly, which are the pillars of the global response to COVID-19. To achieve that...

SARS Protests

Defending Civic Space: How OGP Can Step Up

There is a major opportunity in 2021 to advance civic space reforms in OGP that go to the heart of some of the democratic backsliding the world has seen in recent years, and to showcase them at the 10th anniversary Global Summit in December of 2021.