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Faces of Open Government: David Wuyep and Aysha Karafi

Rostros del Gobierno Abierto: David Wuyep y Aysha Karafi

Les visages du gouvernement ouvert : David Wuyep et Aysha Karafi

David WuyepandAysha Karafi|

As the Open Government Partnership (OGP) steps up its game to focus on reformers themselves in its next decade, the Open Government Leadership Collaborative has been a space for the reformers to hone their leadership capabilities and engage in peer exchanges and learning. This month, we sat down with two members of the Collaborative to learn more about their experiences and new year resolutions and how the cohort has helped them in advancing open governance.  David Wuyep is the Chief Technical Advisor to the Plateau State Governor on Development Strategy and Aysha Karafi is the President of the Tunisian Association for Local Governance.


It’s 2023! What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year?


There are a number of things I hope to accomplish this year, but top on the list is to get the Plateau State legislature to pass the Performance Management Office (PMO) Bill into law. The PMO Bill is the legal framework for the institutionalization of the State Monitoring and Evaluation Policy, which is one of the deliverables from the State’s OGP commitment bordering on the Citizens Engagement and Transparency Policy Areas. The State M&E Policy allows citizens to monitor the progress of projects sited in their communities and make comments via the state website. In addition to the site, an app is under development to allow for direct communication with the Performance Management Office, which serves as the M&E hub of the state. For effective citizen participation, project information is displayed via the published budget on the state website in addition to the procurement information on the Open Contracting Platform available at here




This year, I hope I will have enough courage and perseverance to accomplish a mission and fulfill a dream. The mission is to train 1,000 young men and women in the principles of OGP, implement an OGP curriculum in five universities, and mentor five municipalities to join OGP Local in 2024.



What tools do you think are vital for open gov reformers to have?


I consider resilience, innovation, and partnership mobilization skills as vital for the success of open government reformers. I think it is the discontent or vexation with the status quo that sows the seed of reform, which in turn requires a strong commitment, which may involve sacrifices and pains, to the pursuit of the solutions to ensure results delivery.



What do you find most challenging about working as a leader in open government?


The most difficult thing for me, given my time and money constraints, is convincing certain ministries, such as the Ministry of Justice, Health, or Education, to make transformative OGP commitments and carry them out in an action plan.


How has the cohort helped shape and/or develop your approach to leadership and initiating open government reforms?


It is early days yet, but one thing that has left an impression on me is that the existence of the OGLC Groups and the monthly check-in sessions are serving as some accountability frameworks that are helping me maintain momentum towards the achievement of set targets in implementing projects, programmes, and initiatives. Interactions in the cohort are at five levels, some of which included physical meetings that took place during the inaugural sessions in October of last year. Virtual group meetings to discuss group projects, engagements among members for peer-learning, monthly cohort meetings to check up on project implementation status and trainings, and “office hours” where members can engage with the OGLC secretariat on project conversations and any other OGP issues allowed for useful exchanges with the rest of the cohort.


What advice would you give to young open government reformers looking to develop their leadership skills and connect with the community?


I advise reformers to be well-informed and knowledgeable about how OGP works nationally, locally, and internationally. Always be aware of the implementation of the commitments made in an OGP action plan by playing a monitoring role. Never give up, do the necessary advocacy and commit to the promotion of OGP among citizens.

Comments (6)

Fwangmun Oscar Danladi Reply

Mr David Wuyep has truly embodied the principles of OGP. He has provided the enabling environment for youth integration, participation and voices into the states commitments.

Jonah Vings Lomak Reply

Great work done and great ambitions.
More grease to your elbows.

Gladys Estela Riveros Rojas Reply

Los reformadores que estén bien informados y conozcan cómo funciona OGP a nivel nacional, local e internacional: Ser líder (reformadores) para acompañar y transmitir conocimiento. Así poder expandir el saber, por que si la persona sabe conoce sus derechos y obligaciones y la hace cumplir, como así también esta intrínsecamente unido la cultura de cada sitio o lugar.

Imen Feki Reply

Good day. I so appréciate your job.


Felicitaciones… a ambos lideres: sus enfoques, intenciones y convocatorias me parecen muy correctas y efectivamente estan orientadas a trabajar para conseguir logros imprescindibles en esta etapa de la difusion y promocion del nuevo paradigma: conocimiento del modelo y aplicaciones concretas de sus principios y valores, a través de los mecanismos con los que se cuenta en sus comunidades….
El que persevera… alcanza….a continuar pues….. con esos pioneros esfuerzos….


It is sensitive resolution… I pray works as planned.
Weldon Sir.

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