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Africa and the Middle East

Kenya Results Report 2020-2022 – For Public Comment

In 2023, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Results Report for Kenya's 2020-2022 action plan. The report reviews the level of completion and early open government results for commitments in the action plan. ----- The report is available in…


Reform Space to Watch: High-Value Data in Kenya

As the new OGP government co-chair where will the Kenyan government display innovation in reforms and civil society issues? Read more to see where Kenya could lead international initiatives in anti-corruption, democratic reform, and climate change.

Cabo Verde Action Plan Review 2023-2025

Cabo Verde’s OGP process continues to strengthen through the establishment of a multistakeholder forum. The second action plan contains more commitments and has a stronger open government lens than the first. There remains room to deepen civil society participation in…

Côte d’Ivoire Action Plan Review 2022-2024

Côte d’Ivoire’s fourth action plan continues reforms such as budget transparency, asset declaration, and the fight against corruption. It introduces aims to increase citizen participation in decision-making around inflation and land ownership, as well as greater accountability in public service.…


Faces of Open Government: Kai Klandorf

Meet Kai, the Executive Director of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations (NENO). Kai was a prominent voice at the 2023 OGP Global Summit in September 2023 and in this month’s Faces of Open Gov, she shares her views on…

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