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Explore stories about reformers inside and outside of government who are raising their voices to promote opportunity for all and create lasting change.


Charting the Next Three Years for OGP

To tackle challenges of democratic backsliding and shrinking civic space and to better implement OGP's mission and vision, we're launching a three-year plan. Share your feedback!

Isaac Aidoo

Faces of Open Government: Isaac Aidoo

Isaac shares his team's work to improve municipal services and infrastructure in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana through open government solutions.


What to Expect in the Year Ahead

With the leadership of the Steering Committee 2019-2020 co-chairs, OGP will focus on people-centered justice, digital governance, and stronger civic space in the year ahead.

Recent Posts


Faces of Open Government: Jen Bretaña

South Cotabato joined OGP in 2018 and is currently implementing five commitments on open government to strengthen public procurement, increase access to information, and bring citizens closer to their government.  Jen Bretaña is the OGP Government Point of Contact for…

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