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Explore stories about reformers inside and outside of government who are raising their voices to promote opportunity for all and create lasting change.

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Respond. Recover. Renew.

OGP turns ten in 2021. With more than 4,500 commitments made to date, we have much to celebrate. We are launching Open Renewal in our anniversary year in order to look forward and build on the lessons and accomplishments of the past.

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Effective, Efficient, and Equitable: How Open Government Can Deliver on Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are an essential tool in the race to save lives and rebuild economies during the pandemic. Read how open government can help to achieve the effective, efficient, and equitable delivery of vaccines.

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Help Us Finalize the OGP Co-Creation and Participation Standards

The current Participation and Co-creation Standards were introduced in 2016 to improve the   requirements for participation and quality of public consultations, and provide guidance on the ongoing dialogue between government and civil society throughout the OGP action plan cycle.…

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Making Algorithms Accountable to Citizens

At RightsCon 2021, government officials and civil society organizations, including members of the Open Algorithms Network, discussed their experience implementing algorithm transparency ...

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Hacking Judicial Language for Open Justice

In Argentina, like elsewhere in the world, accessing justice and understanding the judicial language is highly complex, so many people cannot comprehend the judicial processes that affect them or their rights...

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Do We Know Who Controls Our State-Owned and Municipality-Owned Enterprises?

Beneficial ownership transparency efforts often focus on large corporations. Learn how Lithuania is exploring the companies closest to the people here.


Four Ways the OGP Global Summit Can Build Back Better Democracy

This year, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) turns 10 years old and the Republic of Korea will host the 2021 OGP Global Summit to mark the occasion from December 13-17, 2021.

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