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Voices of Open Government

A podcast by the Open Government Partnership and Hueman Group Media


How do we do government differently? Listen to conversations with leaders who break the mold — from mayors to anti-corruption advocates, social justice champions, and public servants who fight for accountability and transparency in government. Join host Stephanie Bluma as she shares insights on what governments and civil society from different regions of the world can learn from each other — and how we can renew our societies.

This podcast is a production of the Open Government Partnership and Hueman Group Media.

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Empower Civil Society, Strengthen Democracy

In this episode, Anabel Cruz shares her inspiring journey as a political refugee, how it motivated her to work on democratic initiatives, and the importance of these initiatives in our current political climate.

On A Quest to Raise Young Voices

In this episode, Ebenezar Wikina shares his insights on the importance of youth engagement in governance and how he has successfully inspired young people to become active in shaping their communities.

Stand Up for Democracy: Lessons from Estonia

In this episode, Taimar Peterkop shares the history of Estonia’s resilience against authoritarianism and its plan to drive open government initiatives at the 2023 OGP Global Summit.

To Protect the Environment, Protect the Defenders

In this episode, Felipe Pino, an environmental lawyer from Chile, shares his insight on environmental democracy, the need for public participation in responding to climate crises, and the significance of the Escazu Agreement.

A Mission to Record and Remember Victims of Gender-Based Violence

In this episode, we learn about Helena Suárez Val’s mission to record and remember victims of gender-based violence in Uruguay, the meaning of “feminicide”, and how data can help change its public perception.

A Lawyer’s Journey to Unmask Anonymous Companies

In this episode, we learn about Andrej Leontiev’s fight to uphold beneficial ownership transparency and how other countries are using the Slovak Republic’s model to further transparency and accountability.

From Civil Servant to Global Advocate

In this episode, we explore Aruna Roy’s journey from civil servant to a global leader, the importance of access to information, and how citizens can use public knowledge to further government participation and accountability.

From Uncovering Corruption to Facing Conviction: One Journalist's Story

In this episode, Khadija Ismayilova shares how her reporting on government corruption led to blackmail, intrusive surveillance, and unjust imprisonment and how we can create spaces for journalists to hold power to account without fear of retaliation.

We Believe in Victory, We Plan for the Future of Ukraine

In this episode, Viktor Nestulia talks about the democratic history of Ukraine, how the war has impacted his family and community. And importantly, about the need for open government values to lead the country’s reconstruction.

Democracy in Afghanistan: Past, Present, and Future

In this episode, we talk with Erfan Erzaz about Afghanistan’s history to see if it can provide insight on why democracy fell and explore the contributions of open gov reformers in the country and the lessons we can all learn from Afghanistan’s democratic efforts.

To Build Transparent Algorithms, Focus on the Why

In this episode, we’ll learn what France has done to increase algorithmic transparency using citizen input while raising awareness about the use of algorithms.


When the Whole Neighborhood Pitches In, Results Are Better

In this episode, we explore how the Basque Country in Spain has worked to involve all local institutions and citizens in the policy-making process. We also tackle what “neighborhood work” means and how it led to more ambitious results.

Hope is Hard Work but Necessary Work

In this episode, learn how open, participative, and deliberative approaches to decision-making in Scotland is helping turn voices of citizens into concrete actions.

Focus on the Reform. And the Reformer!

In this episode, learn how Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya applied open government principles to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of recognizing the people behind the reforms in government and civil society.

Building the Ladder of Citizen Engagement in Austin, United States

In this episode, learn how Austin is engaging with historically marginalized group – including those experiencing homelessness – in open government and policy processes.

Building Citizen Trust in South Cotabato, Philippines

In this episode, learn how South Cotabato’s governor is using open gov principles to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic while placing citizens at the heart of policy-making to rebuild trust in government.

Closing the Gender Gap in Care Services in Mexico

In this episode, we learn how reformers in Mexico are designing a national policy to reduce the gender inequality gap and position the right to care in the public agenda.

Innovating New Solutions to Justice in Buenos Aires

In this episode, we look towards Buenos Aires’ Open Justice and Innovation Lab to explore how different sectors can work together to create a more transparent and accountable judicial branch.

Blowing the Whistle on Corruption in Latvia

In this episode, we explore the systems in place to safeguard the identities of government employees, activists, civil society organizers and other individuals who blow the whistle on illicit activities.

When a Government’s “Eyes and Ears” Improve Public Services

How do we ensure that public funds are spent efficiently and not mismanaged? In this episode, we learn from a reformer in Kaduna, Nigeria about how we can inspire local governments to be more innovative in delivering public services and why incentivizing citizens to collaborate is critical. 

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