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A Mission to Record and Remember Victims of Gender-Based Violence

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Women’s violence and femicide are major global problems, but they are particularly acute in Latin America. Official government data on gender violence and femicide is often absent or incomplete. That is why gender activist and researcher Helena Suárez Val created a publicly available database that compiles lethal gender-related violence cases in Uruguay. In this episode of Voices of Open Government we remember the women impacted by gender-based violence, discuss the meaning of feminicide, and how data can change its public perception.

  • Guest: Helena Suárez Val, Gender Activist, Creator of
  • Host: Stephanie Bluma, Chief Communications and Campaigns Officer, OGP

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Gladys Estela Riveros Rojas Reply

La violencia contra la mujer y el feminicidio son problemas globales, no tiene clase sociales, se origina por desconfianza, celos y otros.
Las personas de escasos recursos están mas expuestas.

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