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Latin America

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Ecuador Says No to Violence and Yes to Transparency

  Violence and corruption are two concepts that have been separated for a long time. According to the 2022 Corruption Perception Index, Ecuador ranked 101 out of 180 countries in terms of corruption. Dialogo Diverso (an organization that promotes the…

Argentina Action Plan Review 2022-2024

El Quinto Plan de Acción Nacional de Gobierno 2022-2024 se compone de seis compromisos que abordan áreas clave de políticas públicas, como género, medio ambiente, obras públicas y salud. Se destaca la innovación en la federalización del plan, con colaboraciones…


Reform Space to Watch: Anti-corruption and Infrastructure Data in Brazil

As one of OGP’s founders, Brazil has always had civil servants and civil society actors truly committed to the cause of reform and, with some exceptions, has often been at the vanguard of the Partnership. With a new government in charge, committed to change, can meaningful progress be made on fighting corruption?

Brazil Action Plan Review 2021-2023 – For Public Comment

In 2023, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Action Plan Review for Brazil's 2021-2023 action plan. The report provides a technical review of the action plan’s characteristics and the strengths and challenges the IRM identifies to inform a stronger…

Chile Results Report 2020-2022

The political and health context had an adverse impact on the open government initiative, which is sustained voluntarily despite the lack of robust coordination and institutional incentives to position and support the issue within the Chilean State. The fifth action…

Colombia Results Report 2020-2022

Colombia made progress in the action plan's implementation despite the effects of the pandemic, political changes, and social protests. The institutionalization of the multi-stakeholder forum contributed significantly to the sustainability of the OGP process and the potential of open government…

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