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Latin America

Honduras Action Plan Review 2023-2025

Honduras' Action Plan Review 2023-2025 identified 13 out of 14 commitments with an open government perspective and five promising commitments. The review highlights the extensive consultation process developed for the creation of the plan in the country's 18 departments, as…

Peru Action Plan Review 2023-2025

Peru’s fifth action plan is notable for the participation of the multi-stakeholder forum created in 2020 and the involvement of new civil society actors. The plan includes commitments from all three branches of the state. However, there remains an opportunity…

End of Commitment Report – Design and implementation of the comprehensive Accountability strategy for the #CartagenaCuenta 2023 citizenship, with a territorial approach, social inclusion and permanent dialogue, with an emphasis on planning and public finances

Overview Name of Evaluator Camilo Ignacio Gonzalez Becerra Email Member Name Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Action Plan Title Plan de acción - Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 2022 - 2023 Commitment Design and implementation of the comprehensive Accountability strategy for…


América Abierta

América Abierta congrega renombrados encuentros internacionales orientados a la investigación, publicación y uso de datos abiertos.

Ecuador Action Plan Review 2022-2024

Ecuador's second action plan aims to create an Open State by introducing initiatives in judicial, legislative, and electoral matters, along with enhancing transparency and social control measures from the first plan. The commitments were developed through a co-creation process, representing…

Paraguay Action Plan Review 2022-2024

Paraguay's fifth Open Government Action Plan seeks to advance an Open State by including commitments from the executive, legislative, and judicial powers[1]. Although it covers several priority issues for civil society, the commitments have mostly modest or uncertain scope. The…


An Opportunity to Strengthen the Open Government Ecosystem in Brazil

Discover how the Brazilian Open Government Network (RGBA) is driving impactful change across federal, state, and local levels, fostering collaboration and innovation in governance practices.

Open Government Partnership