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FOOG Sammy Obeng

Faces of Open Government: Sammy Obeng

In this month's Faces of Open Gov, Sammy Obeng sheds light on the collaborative work to implement Ghana's landmark Right to Information law and underscores the importance of open parliaments and the interconnectedness of the open government community in driving impactful reforms.


Open Parliaments: The Case of Buenos Aires

Between 2021 and 2023, the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires adopted open government and active transparency standards to promote a Legislative Branch that is closer to citizens. The Legislature, with which I have had the pleasure of…


Nuevo Leon: Challenges and Lessons Learned from the Biggest Open Government Coalition in OGP Local

Nuevo Leon is a state in northeastern Mexico with nearly six million inhabitants, making it the seventh most populous in the country. 93 percent of its population resides in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey (ZMM), encompassing 13 of the state's…

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