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Find practical resources and approaches for strengthening open government reforms.

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A Guide to Open Government and the Coronavirus

This is a moment of peak uncertainty for governments, civil society and citizens. Facing a unique challenge from the coronavirus, new policies and approaches are being tested in real-time. Many in the open government community are deeply involved...


OGP Webinars

Explore our series of online seminars that bring together the open government community and encourage peer learning and knowledge sharing.


Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online

Find practical tips, a curated list of online tools and platforms, and country examples to help take your OGP co-creation process online.

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Innovations in Democratic Oversight of Surveillance from OGP Members

Overview Limitations on surveillance are necessary for a prosperous society. Citizen oversight is an essential part of that function. Citizen oversight requires investment in (a) transparency and disclosure of activities and impacts; (b) public access to formal oversight mechanisms; (c) adequate safeguards for…

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