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Read the latest perspectives on open government issues, explore stories of reformers in action, and delve into our latest data, research, and tools.

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Saying Goodbye to OGP

After 11 years I will shortly be standing down as Deputy CEO of the Open Government Partnership. I am a candidate in the UK General Election on July 4th, and hope...

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Faces of Open Government: Rueben Lifuka

In this month’s Faces of Open Government, Rueben Lifuka shares his experience as an environmental expert, anti-corruption advocate, and champion of open government in Zambia.

European Parliament 2024

We Must Protect Our Democracies Before It Is Too Late

In this pivotal moment, our response will shape the future of democratic resilience and security. It's time to clean our own houses and strengthen our democracies, reinforcing the global fight against kleptocracy and corruption. The urgency of these reforms cannot be overstated. We must act now, before it is too late.

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