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Open Parliaments: The Case of the State of Guanajuato, Mexico

In this blog series on open parliaments, we will highlight the experiences of several open parliaments around the world. Open parliaments are institutions that foster transparency, participation, and accountability throughout the legislative process. Guanajuato is one of the 32 states…

2018 OGP Global Summit in Georgia – Interactive Station

Five Tips For Weaving Citizen Participation Into The Fabric of Government

As interest and excitement around innovations in citizen participation grows, how can we ensure these innovations are properly embedded within governments to make open government a reality? Check out five insights from a recent workshop.

Afghanistan Flag

One Year On, Afghanistan’s Brave Reformers Must Not Be Forgotten

August 30, 2022 marks one year since the United States withdrew all troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban forcibly took control of the country. Read about Afghanistan’s journey in OGP and what the open government community can do to help reformers in the country.

Faces of Open Gov – Tari Photo

Faces of Open Government: Siti Juliantari Rachman

Meet Siti Juliantari “Tari” Rachman, an anti-corruption advocate in Indonesia. Tari shares how her interest in fighting corruption began and how she’s supporting Indonesia’s OGP commitment to open up contracting information and publish emergency procurement information on the national procurement portal.


Towards More Inclusive Policy Creation: How Buenos Aires Engaged the LGBTQIA+ Community

In the past, the City of Buenos Aires had very few opportunities to work on public policies concerning the LGBTQIA+ community from an open government perspective. Through an OGP commitment, my team, the Undersecretariat for Open Government and Accountability, is…

Paul – OGP Global Summit

Tipping the Balance Towards Openness: Reflections and Suggestions After 10 Years at OGP

As OGP's Chief of Country Support, Paul Maassen, celebrates 10 years at the organization, he shares his perspectives on what worked, what hasn’t, and what is next through the lens of OGP’s big promises and pitches.


Brazil Invests in Open Government to Tackle Environmental Challenges

Investing again in the potential of open government, Brazil has committed to a number of actions to tackle environmental issues through its latest OGP action plan.

OGLC Blog – Featured Image

Announcing the Open Government Leadership Collaborative

The Open Government Leadership Collaborative (OGLC) pilot program sought to enhance the leadership capacity of reformers within the context of their work. As the program expands...

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