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Debt Transparency: An Open Government Solution to Mitigating Debt Crises

Growing debt over the last two decades has left many resource-rich African countries on the verge of debt crises. Read how open government approaches can help.

President Joe Biden Swearing in with Jill Biden

Democracy Beyond the Ballot Box: The Biden Imperative

The nation and the world breathed a giant sigh of relief as Joe Biden assumed the Presidency declaring “Democracy has prevailed.” Despite months of disinformation, culminating in the dangerous attempted coup, America weathered attacks on its most sacred foundation: the ballot box. 


Trump’s Pardons and Putin’s Palace Show Why Biden Must Tackle Corruption at Home and Abroad

To save democracy at home, and build a stronger global coalition of democractic allies, the financing for authoritarianism must be made ever harder. Only a strong, diverse coalition of countries and civil society champions, with renewed US engagement, can achieve that goal.

jmc_agamx2019 (1)

Faces of Open Government: Juan Manuel Casanueva

Juan Manuel Casanueva shares how reformers in Mexico are addressing the lack of regulation and supervision of government digital surveillance through their OGP action plan.


Looking Back, Moving Forward: A New IRM

Three words describe the lessons that 2020 left for the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM): adapt, adjust, and advance. The year began with a milestone for the IRM, with the OGP Steering Committee endorsing the IRM Refresh in March. But for most of 2020...

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Action Plan Against Gender-Based Violence: Participatory Co-Creation in Argentina

Discover how Argentina is mainstreaming gender and diversity issues into the open government agenda through their OGP process and their Action Plan Against Gender-Based Violence.

OGP meeting in Eldoret

In Kenya, the OGP Process Provides Space to Redefine Civil Society Relations with Government

The relationship and collaboration between the Kenyan government and civil society organisations (CSOs) has been complex, to say the least. It ranges from big reform wins like the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya in 2010, to the controversial handling…

OGP Dark Blue Triangle Background

Renewing Democracy in 2021

For 14 consecutive years, civil and political liberties have declined globally and 2020 was no exception. Authoritarian leaders have been on the rise and civic space has been closing, with the COVID-19 pandemic sadly fuelling further opportunistic attacks on civil…

gente_en_bici_con_tapabocas_-_familias_y_ninos_262 (1)

Open Information is Key in the Fight Against Climate Change

At the beginning of the year, cities around the world in the C40 network (a climate leadership group) agreed that recovering from the pandemic requires a new commitment from cities to fight climate change. Cities occupy only 3% of the…

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