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New Data Reinforce that Access to Justice is an Open Government Issue

The open government community has seen growing support for linking justice to open government in recent years, spurred in part by alarming levels of exclusion from justice.

Halla Tomasdottir

Break the Roles Voices: Halla Tómasdóttir

Halla Tómasdóttir ran for president in Iceland and almost won. As CEO of The B Team, Halla is an avid advocate for inclusive and diverse leadership in government, business, and beyond.

Girl Going to School in Paraguay

Day of the Girl: Messages from the Community

For International Day of the Girl Child, we asked open government and inclusion champions to share their inspirational and actionable advice with the next generation of open government leaders.


Launching an Evaluation of OGP

Oxford Policy Management will conduct an evaluation to address core questions around the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the OGP platform and strategies on reform processes in different contexts.


Not One Woman More, Not One Woman Less

In Argentina, a woman is killed every 34 hours from gender-based violence (GBV) crimes. GBV is one of the biggest and most frequent human rights violations in the country and is a significant factor in public health and safety. In response, almost 300,000 citizens joined the Ni Una Menos (Not One Less Woman) movement...


Bridging the Gap in Gender-Based Data

The Uruguayan government and civil society are working together to bring more awareness and clarity to the issue of gender-based violence (GBV) by streamlining and publishing key statistics.

CE dark green

Balancing Gender Representation in Leadership

In the last seven years, the percentage of women in managerial positions in government and the private sector has stalled in Germany. The Parliament, for example, has seen a decline in women’s representation from 36 percent in 2013-2017 to 31 percent in the 2018-2021 legislative period.

Justicia Abierta

Justice For All: Open Justice Moves Forward in Latin America

Governments and judiciaries in Latin America are innovating through the implementation of open government policies in the justice sector.

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