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Closer to the People: OGP Local Results

See the progress OGP Local members have made over the years and explore lessons learned as we head into a new season of co-creation.


Parliamentary Engagement in OGP: Acting on Evidence, Building on Results

As OGP steps into its second decade, parliaments will be instrumental in delivering on open government ambitions. Translating this potential into results across a growing number of OGP members calls for improved guidance and targeted support...

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Ensuring Better Transparency: How Latvia is Working to Protect Whistleblowers

Within the backdrop of creating more open communities, the issue of enlisting regular citizens to speak up and denounce misconduct in the public and private sectors has progressively increased...

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Should the EU Stop Funding Autocrats? A Democracy Debate

Can authoritarian models of governance truly deliver on development in a peaceful and sustainable manner? In this context, the question emerges: Should the EU stop funding autocrats? Experts on both sides explore this question through a Democracy Debate.

Workshop at Argentina Regional Meeting

Stocktaking 10 Years Later: A New Value Proposition for Latin American Civil Society

Throughout the past decade, OGP has grown and supported civil society organizations and government stakeholders in the adoption of reforms to promote more transparent, participatory and inclusive governments in nearly all Latin American countries...

IRM Day Georgia Summit

Open Opportunities: Making the Most of 2021 Global Summits

As the world looks to a post-pandemic future, a number of global fora in 2021 offer opportunities to chart the course toward building back better and renewing our democracies.

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Faces of Open Government: Annalyn Sevilla

Learn how the Philippines is using open government approaches to address the needs and gaps in their education system.

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Five Ways to Embed Open Gov Values in Online Political Advertising Regulation

In today’s digital age, elections are won, lost and called into question over social media. With little to no system of checks and balances in place for political parties, candidates, online actors and platforms, tech companies can spell out their own rules for political advertising...

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