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Faces of Open Government: Cielo Magno

In this month’s issue of Faces of Open Government, Cielo D. Magno, Undersecretary for the Department of Finance’s Fiscal Policy and Monitoring Group, shares her insights on how openness can uniquely impact the extractives industry, women, and government.

FOOG Euskadi Hero

Faces of Open Government: Basque Country

Arantza Otaolea from the Bilbao Women's Council and co-president of OGP Euskadi, and Mikel Barturen from Sareen Sarea, an association that groups the networks of entities of the social sector, are participants in OGP Euskadi's civil society forum. In this interview, they share why citizen participation is fundamental to open government.  


Faces of Open Government: Clem Agba

In our June Faces of Open Government feature, we discuss Nigeria’s success in beneficial ownership transparency in the extractives sector and recommendations for how member countries can begin to implement the new strategic shifts and goals from OGP’s 2023-2028 strategy.


Faces of Open Government: Isabel Moya Pérez

Isabel Moya Pérez is the Deputy Director General of Open Government of Spain and shares what her country did during their own OGW and how the new OGP strategy can help foster more open and accountable democracies.

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Empower Civil Society, Strengthen Democracy

In this episode, Anabel Cruz, discusses the importance of civil society and citizen participation in our current political climate and how we can all work towards building stronger, more open communities.

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On A Quest to Raise Young Voices

In this episode, Ebenezar Wikina shares how he's dedicated his life to promoting positive change and working to inspire young people to become active participants in shaping their communities.

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