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Aragón, Spain

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Current Action Plan

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Aragón joined OGP as part of the 2020 cohort. They are currently implementing three commitments from their 2021-2023 action plan.
This action plan features commitments related to inclusion, open data and citizen participation.


Mariana Cancela Open Government and Social Innovation General Directorate
Anabel Beltrán Open Government and Social Innovation General Directorate
Francisco J. Galán Calvo Third Sector Platform of Aragon
Luis Gonzaga García Committee for Entities Representing Disabled People (CERMI)


Recent Posts


Towards More Inclusive Policy Creation: How Buenos Aires Engaged the LGBTQIA+ Community

In the past, the City of Buenos Aires had very few opportunities to work on public policies concerning the LGBTQIA+ community from an open government perspective. Through an OGP commitment, my team, the Undersecretariat for Open Government and Accountability, is…

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