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We Believe in Victory, We Plan for the Future of Ukraine

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“We Believe in Victory. We Plan for the Future.”

That is the rally cry of the open government community in Ukraine as they met in May to discuss how open government processes led to the defense of the country and how open government values will be critical to rebuilding Ukraine’s democracy. At the time of the invasion, Ukraine – a key member of the Open Gov Partnership – was leading many promising open government reforms to fight corruption, open up budgets and enhance citizen’s role in decisions impacting their lives.

And now, even as the war continues, national and local government leaders alongside civil society reformers from the open government community are meeting to plan the country’s future, including looking at how transparency, participation and accountability can play a role in the receipt and distribution of humanitarian aid and the funds needed for reconstruction. How to reopen government information and public spaces, which have been closed due to martial law, and how to continue their previous work to ensure oligarchs can’t anonymously capture contracts.

In this episode, Viktor Nestulia talks about the democratic history of Ukraine, how the war has impacted his family and community. And importantly, about the need for open government values to lead the country’s reconstruction.

  • Guest: Viktor Nestulia, Head of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Open Contracting Partnership
  • Host: Stephanie Bluma, Chief Communications and Campaigns Officer, OGP

This episode was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the Open Government Partnership and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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Gladys Estela Riveros Rojas Reply

Gobierno Abierto en Ucrania, como estrategia la reunión para planificar el futuro del país, además de los fondos necesarios para la reconstrucción del mismo, y siempre con el respeto a la dignidad Humana como países democrático y libre.

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