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Faces of Open Government

Ministarka Suzana Pribilovic

Faces of Open Government: Minister Suzana Pribilović

Meet Suzana Pribilović, the Minister of Public Administration in Montenegro and an open government champion.


Faces of Open Government: Suneeta Kaimal

Meet Suneeta Kaimal, an advocate for the protection of civic space and natural resource governance.

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Faces of Open Government: Danilo Manzano

Ecuador joined OGP in 2018 and are ready to submit their first action plan this year with a clear emphasis on inclusion. At the 6th OGP Global Summit, LGBTQ+ advocate and open government champion Danilo Manzano shared his thoughts about…

Faces of Open Government – Shyamala Gomez

Shyamala Gomez is the Executive Director at the Centre for Equality and Justice. How have gender commitments in Sri Lanka’s action plans contributed to inclusion and gender equality? Sri Lanka’s first OGP national action plan had two commitments on women.…

Faces of Open Government – Robin Hodess

Why is it important to talk about beneficial ownership transparency when we talk about open government? It’s very important when we are looking to opening up government that we understand the nexus of politics and business. When we don't know…

Faces of Open Government – Inese Kušķe

  Protecting Whistleblowers in Latvia Inese Kušķe, Public Administration Policy Department, the State Chancellery of the Republic of Latvia, is responsible for elaboration of the Whistleblowing Law adopted by the Parliament on 11 October 2018. Inese Kušķe is a consultant for the…

Rostros del Gobierno Abierto – Delia Ferreira

¿Cómo hacemos para recapturar la agenda anticorrupción que ha sido tomada por líderes populistas?Yo creo que no han capturado a la agenda, lo que capturaron es la narrativa. Uno tiene que explicar y mantener claro que una cosa es hablar…

Faces of Open Government: Delia Ferreira

What can we do to retake the anti-corruption agenda, captured by populist leaders? I don’t think the agenda was captured, what is captured is the narrative. We need to make clear that it is one thing to talk about corruption,…