Environmental Democracy: Where Open Government and the Escazu Agreement Meet

In 2018, 22 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean reached a historical milestone in environmental democracy by signing the Escazu Agreement. In 2020, 20 countries have ratified the treaty and one more ratification is missing to make this a reality...


United for an Open Digital Future

Freedom of expression is an important sign of a thriving democracy, including across constantly emerging digital platforms and social media.

Silvana Faces of Open Gov

Faces of Open Government: Silvana Fumega

Meet Silvana Fumega, a researcher and advocate for open data and feminist open government.


Securing human dignity through the lens of open governance

It has been exactly one year since I had the incredible honour of speaking at the opening of the 5th Global Summit of the Open Government Partnership in Tbilisi, Georgia. What made the occasion special for me, being South African,…

Orange the World 2017 – Uruguay – Montevideo

Uruguay – Bridging the Gaps in Gender-Based Violence Data

The Uruguayan government and civil society are working together to bring more awareness and clarity to the issue of gender-based violence against women. Together, they plan to combine and publish the fragmented information available on gender-based violence and streamline standards...