Working Group

Fiscal Openness

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The aim of the OGP-GIFT FOWG is to support the formulation and promote the implementation of fiscal openness commitments made by Open Government Partnership (OGP) governments.

FOWG Objectives

  • Provide a platform for peer to peer sharing and learning among OGP members on FO (fiscal openness);
  • Offer OGP members efficient and coordinated access to international good practices, tools, norms, assessments, and technical expertise on FO;
  • Support OGP members to implement their FO commitments, and develop even more ambitious FO goals and good practices including perhaps common/shared goals;
  • Motivate additional governments to become champions and models of FO.

The FOWG is facilitated by:

  • Governments of Brazil and Philippines       
  • International Budget Partnership
  • World Bank
  • Coordination team from the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency (GIFT) including a new full time Network Director 1 May 2014