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Call for Applications for the IRM International Experts Panel

Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) Call for New International Expert Panel (IEP) Members

OGP’s IRM is a key means by which all stakeholders can track progress in participating countries. The IRM produces biannual independent progress reports for each country participating in OGP.  The progress reports assess governments on the development and implementation of OGP action plans, progress in fulfilling open government principles, and make technical recommendations for improvements. These reports are intended to stimulate dialogue and promote accountability between OGP participating governments and citizens.

The OGP Articles of Governance provide a special status for the IRM to protect it from undue influence by OGP participating governments and other stakeholders, while ensuring that it can work closely with the OGP Support Unit and Steering Committee to ensure that IRM findings are used to promote learning and continuous improvement across the partnership.

One of the key provisions is that the IRM is overseen by an International Expert Panel. Panel members are nominated through an open process and approved by the OGP Steering Committee. The IEP is comprised of up to 10 experts representing a diversity of regions and thematic expertise. These technical and policy experts are appointed by the OGP Steering Committee following a public nominations process. In line with OGP’s commitment to peer support, the IEP will make efforts to ensure due diligence, quality assessment, and the application of the highest standards of research to help to ensure the credibility of the Partnership.

The IRM is seeking nominations for new members of the IEP. These members will take on the work of peer-reviewing IRM reports during 2017 and will assume a role in guiding the IRM in 2018 onwards.

Qualities of the IEP

A well-rounded IEP will:

  • Have a broad expertise across regions and topics
  • Be able to apply ethical and auditing standards to guide the IRM in cases of conflict of interest.
  • Work closely with the IRM staff, and help to refine and develop reporting methods and research products.
  • Be able to help recruit researchers in a variety of national contexts.
  • Be able to give strategic and communications guidance for the IRM both at the national and international level.
  • Represent the IRM at international and national events.
  • Maintain regular and collegial communication amongst one another, the IRM team in Washington, DC, and the IRM researchers working at the national level.
  • Aim to represent the diversity of OGP membership.

Panel Member Qualifications

Well-qualified IEP members will have the following characteristics:

  • Expertise and strong reputation in at least one area relevant to OGP.
  • Flexibility to work on reporting across national contexts, including in countries that may be relatively unfamiliar.
  • Strong eye for detail.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide constructive feedback.
  • Availability to turn around documents within a strict timeline.
  • Willingness to travel up to 3 times per year and attend monthly online check-in meetings.
  • Time commitment required is 25-30 hours during peak months of the year (November- February). Workload varies with the IRM reporting cycle.
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with expertise and experience in Africa, Europe and Asia.
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with expertise and experience in open government in the legislative, the judiciary and sub-national governments.

Conflict of interest policy

The following individuals would be ineligible for nomination to the IEP:

  • No individual currently working in an official capacity or speaking on behalf of an International Organization may sit on the International Experts Panel (e.g. Bretton Woods institutions, regional development banks, OECD).
  • No individual who has worked in an official capacity or spoken on behalf of an OGP participating government within the past two years in matters relevant to OGP values.
  • No individual who works in an official capacity or speaks on behalf of a civil society organization represented in the OGP steering committee or has done so in the past year.
  • No individual that has been hired as a consultant to governments that are to be evaluated through the IRM process may at the same time serve as an IEP member, or, at a minimum, must recuse themselves of all reviews that apply to that government.
  • No individual who still carries out partisan political activities, supporting a particular candidate or political party as part of their regular work. This does not rule out individuals who support particular legislation or regulation in a way that does not favor one particular candidate or political party.

The process for nomination

  • Calls for nomination will be open from February 16, 2016 to April 30, 2016. Anyone may nominate IEP members, including, but not limited to governments, civil society, current IEP members. Please submit names and brief descriptions of name, qualifications, and contacts details of the nominee. Please inform the nominee of your intent to nominate her or him. Nominations may be submitted by email at
  • Working with the IRM staff, current IEP members will apply a uniform set of criteria to prepare a list of nominees for discussion with the OGP Criteria and Standards Subcommittee.
  • The Criteria and Standards Subcommittee will present a list for final nomination by the Steering Committee.



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