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Country and OGP Local Dates and Deadlines

No member of staff from the OGP Support Unit is allowed to grant extensions on the delivery of action plans.

The rules regarding delays are:

  1. Governments should deliver their action plans on time. This calendar provides advance notice of all key due dates in order to avoid future delays. In order to take full advantage of economies of scale, and to ensure transparency in operations so all OGP participants are treated fairly, the IRM will not modify or rearrange any of their product deadlines to accommodate any delays. Actions plans are considered delivered once they are uploaded to the OGP website.
  2. If a government submits their action plan late, the delay will be noted in the IRM report.
  3. If a country delivers its new action plan late but within four months of the August 31 deadline (before January 1 of the following year), the calendar end date for the action plan will not change. However, as a result, the amount of time for implementation of the commitments will be reduced (action plan implementation period ends on August 31 of the second year of implementation). All action plans should cover a period of implementation of a minimum of 20 months, although individual commitments may be of any length, and could be implemented across multiple action plans.
  4. If a government does not deliver its new action plan before January 1 of the following year, (more than four months late from the August 31 deadline) it will be shifted to the following year cohort (e.g. from odd-year to even-year grouping of OGP participants) and be considered to be starting a new action plan cycle. Such government will have acted contrary to OGP Process for that action plan cycle. The government will receive a letter from the Support Unit noting this occurrence, and it will be copied to the Criteria and Standards subcommittee to consider any additional actions or support as necessary. Visit the Procedural Review page for more information on acting contrary to OGP process.
  5. New participants joining OGP should work with the Support Unit to develop and agree on a timetable to develop their first action plan while adhering to the established deadlines.
  6. In order to keep to the calendar and ensure the highest quality reporting, all governments should regularly engage with their assigned IRM researcher.

The links below show the dates and deadlines for all OGP participants, according to their corresponding cohort.

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