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Civil Society and Other Stakeholders

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Civil society organizations (CSOs) are indispensable actors in the OGP process. Governments are required to engage with civil society toward a clear and open process of participation. Civil society may include community groups, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, advocacy groups, labor unions, indigenous groups, charitable organizations, faith-based organizations, professional associations, foundations, and individuals. CSOs are key partners in the design, implementation, and monitoring of OGP action plans; participation in multi-stakeholder mechanisms; and awareness-raising among citizens about OGP and its achievements.

Other actors involved in the OGP process include: academia, the private sector, international organizations, and donors. They provide an enabling environment for open government processes to take root by providing technical assistance, expertise, financial resources, and support. In some cases, they also act as observers, monitors, and commentators, gauging the progress of open government initiatives in the country.

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