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Four Takeaways from our Stakeholder Survey

A core tenet of the OGP model is that regular feedback leads to more effective policies. For this reason, over the past two years, we (the OGP Support Unit) have continued to survey our civil society partners to learn how the OGP process is working (see past results here). Below are four takeaways from the survey results, including how they relate to the new OGP strategy. 

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Local Roundup | October 2023

Here's our monthly roundup of updates from the OGP Local community for October 2023. OPEN GOVERNMENT PROCESSES Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, opened a call for initiatives for their first action plan aimed at strengthening transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in the development of the…

OGPLocal Hero

IRM Report on Local Action Plans 2021-2022

This report draws out innovations and obstacles faced by local open government reformers over 2021-2022. You can explore lessons learned, success stories, and new approaches to open government from the 29 local governments that implemented OGP commitments during this period,…

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