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Armavir, Armenia

Participatory budgeting implementation (AMAVR0002)



Action Plan: Action plan – Armavir, Armenia, 2022 – 2025

Inception Report: Not available

Commitment Start: Jan 2023
Commitment End: Jan 2025

Institutions involved:

  • Armavir municipality
  • Armavir Development Center NGO

Primary Policy Area: Right to Information, Social Accountability

Primary Sector: Other/NA

OGP Value:

  • Public Accountability


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Commitment Title

Participatory budgeting implementation


At the core of democratic development is citizens' confidence in their elected representatives that the latter will address their concerns for the improvement of community life. This is especially important at the community management level, where the efficiency and quality of service delivery are directly felt, and a transparent and accountable decision-making process increases the possibility of social and economic development. The analysis of the current situation shows that there is a low level of participation of citizens at the local level in Armenia, although the necessary prerequisites for participation from a legal point of view are provided.

Status quo

In the 2023 budget of the Armavir community, we have allocated AMD 1,000,000 for participatory budgeting, for residents to submit their suggestions as well as vote for the proposed program or programs. And before that, without any mechanisms, simply by holding public hearings, the opinions of the residents were important in the matter of budget management. Very often, residents showed insufficient public activity.


Since the municipal budget affects every resident of the community, budget decisions provide a great opportunity for residents to engage in participatory democracy. The participation of citizens in the local budgeting process will help the municipal authorities to be more informed and make more effective decisions, as well as allow the residents to see and realize that their voice and views are important, that their proposed ideas and plans are discussed, considered and get a chance to be implemented by local authorities.

How will the commitment contribute to solving the public problem described above?

Through the implementation of participatory budgeting, promote direct participation of residents in community decision-making process, community budget planning and management, increase trust in local self-government bodies and citizens' civic responsibility.

What long-term goal as identified in your Open Government Strategy does this commitment relate to?





Primary Policy Area

Right to Information, Social Accountability

Primary Sector


What OGP value is this commitment relevant to?

Public Accountability Sustainable cities and communitiesSustainable cities and communities


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Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Innovation

Start Date01/2023
End Date01/2025
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