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Increasing Transparency and Responsibility in Private Sector (AZ0048)



Action Plan: Azerbaijan Action Plan 2016-2018

Action Plan Cycle: 2016

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: NA

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

Anti-Corruption, Anti-Corruption Institutions, Capacity Building, Legislation & Regulation, Private Sector, Public Participation

IRM Review

IRM Report: Pending IRM Review

Starred: Pending IRM Review

Early Results: No IRM Data

Design i

Verifiable: Pending IRM Review

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact: Pending IRM Review

Implementation i

Completion: Pending IRM Review


Increasing transparency and responsibility in private sector; Preparing proposals on anti-corruption, transparency, ethics and accountability standards for the purpose of ensuring transparency and prevention of corruption in private sector; Prepared proposals; Implementers: Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Taxes; Recommended to: Anti-Corruption Commission; 2016-2017; Conducting workshops and trainings on anti-corruption, ethics and compliance mechanisms for the purpose of ensuring transparency in private sector; Conducted workshops and trainings; Implementer: Ministry of Economics; Recommended to: Anti-Corruption Commission; 2016-2018; Preparing awareness-raising materials in order to prevent corruption in private sector and organizing the dissemination of prepared materials; Number of prepared materials and methods of dissemination; Implementers: Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Taxes; 2016-2018; Accelerating development process and adopting draft law on Competition Code; Adopted law
Recommended to: National Parliament; 2016-2017; 9.5 Implementing legislative and other measures on mitigation and de-criminalization of criminal responsibility in the fields of economics; Prepared normative-legal acts and implemented measures; Implementers: Cabinet of Ministers, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economics; Recommended to: National Parliament, General Prosecutor; 2016-2017;


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