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Providing tools and training to organizations (FI0018)



Action Plan: Finland Action Plan 2013-2014

Action Plan Cycle: 2013

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: NA

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

Capacity Building

IRM Review

IRM Report: Finland End-of-Term Report 2013–2015, Finland 2013-2015 IRM End of Term Report

Starred: No

Early Results: Major Major

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Civic Participation

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



The needs for web tools and training of the civic society and organizations will be mapped out in year 1 of the Action Plan. Organisations and representatives of civic society will be of- fered training as well as web tools and training linked to those through for example the e- participation portal/environment of the Ministry of Justice.

Finland's Commitments

  1. Supporting everyone’s possibility to participate.

    FI0023, 2017, E-Government

  2. Clear government reforms and services

    FI0024, 2017, Fiscal Transparency

  3. Access to information on incorporated public services

    FI0025, 2017, Fiscal Transparency

  4. Access to information knowledge in the public administration

    FI0026, 2017, Capacity Building

  5. Publishing state procurement data to citizens

    FI0027, 2017, E-Government

  6. Regional Reform information

    FI0028, 2017, Infrastructure & Transport

  7. Training regional administration in open government principles

    FI0029, 2017, Capacity Building

  8. Clear administration

    FI0019, 2015, E-Government

  9. Government as an enabler

    FI0020, 2015, E-Government

  10. Open Procedures

    FI0021, 2015, E-Government

  11. Engage Children, Youth, Elderly

    FI0022, 2015, Public Participation

  12. Enhancing the openness of preparatory processes

    FI0001, 2013, E-Government

  13. Emphasizing dialogue skills in the job descriptions of civil servants

    FI0002, 2013, Capacity Building

  14. Strengthening proactive publishing and communication

    FI0003, 2013, Capacity Building

  15. Promoting participatory budgeting

    FI0004, 2013, Participation in Budget Processes

  16. Increasing openness and customer orientation in ICT and e-services development

    FI0005, 2013, E-Government

  17. Increasing the number of open and online meetings

    FI0006, 2013, E-Government

  18. Standard language titles and resumes will be drafted of the Government proposals.

    FI0007, 2013, Capacity Building

  19. Visualization of decisions

    FI0008, 2013, E-Government

  20. Training will be organised for civil servants in use of clear language and plain language in- cluding committing to use of terms already known.

    FI0009, 2013, Capacity Building

  21. The comprehensibility of the texts produced by public administration will be tested to- gether with citizens and service users.

    FI0010, 2013, Capacity Building

  22. Standardizing and clarifying the terms and concepts used in public administration and ser- vice production.

    FI0011, 2013, Capacity Building

  23. The comprehensibility of customer letters and decisions will be enhanced, especially when using standard texts.

    FI0012, 2013, Capacity Building

  24. Opening and publishing new data and changing existing open data into a machine- readable form.

    FI0013, 2013, Open Data

  25. Clear terms for use of for open data and knowledge

    FI0014, 2013, Open Data

  26. Strengthening skills needed to understand combining privacy and open data and strength- ening the citizen’s right to his/her own personal information “the right to be anonymous”

    FI0015, 2013, Capacity Building

  27. Tearing down barriers of action of the civil society

    FI0016, 2013, Capacity Building

  28. The proactive presence and accessibility of civil servants

    FI0017, 2013, Capacity Building

  29. Providing tools and training to organizations

    FI0018, 2013, Capacity Building