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Service Delivery Process Assessment (JO0039)



Action Plan: Jordan, Second Action Plan, 2014-2016

Action Plan Cycle: 2014

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Ministry of Public Sector Development

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

IRM Review

IRM Report: Jordan End-of-Term Report 2014-2016, Jordan IRM Progress Report 2014-2015

Starred: No

Early Results: Marginal

Design i

Verifiable: Yes

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Conducting unannounced periodic assessment for the service delivery process and identify areas and opportunities for potential improvements, and implementing them in cooperation with the concerned government institutions. Milestones: 1. Conduct field visits and prepare assessment reports and report them to the cabinet and relevant parties (9 visits per quarter) 2. Continues Monitoring and evaluation of the development plan throughout the implementation. Responsible institution: Ministry of Public Sector Development Supporting institution: Not specified Start date: First quarter 2014 End date: Continuous

IRM End of Term Status Summary

For details of these commitments, see Jordan End-of-Term Report 2014-2016"


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