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Kyrgyz Republic

Archives Public Access (KG0005)



Action Plan: Kyrgyz Republic Action Plan 2018-2020

Action Plan Cycle: 2018

Status: Active


Lead Institution: State Registration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

Support Institution(s): Mr. Myktar Tagaev (0773 769329, “IC “Intebilim” (0553602375,, PA «Precedent» (0550999807,, Research Group "Esimde" (0555507796)., MJ, SNSC, MIA

Policy Areas

E-Government, Legislation & Regulation, Legislative

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Ensuring public access to archival documents (dated 1918 – 1953)
Commitment Start and End date
September 1, 2018 – August 31, 2020
Lead implementing agency/actor State Registration Service under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic
Commitment description
What is the public problem that the commitment will address? The lack of access to the Stalin era archival documents hinders the establishment of full and complete list of repressed persons, process of rehabilitation of repressed citizens and development of the science of history.
What is the commitment? Declassification of the archival data from 1918 to 1953, transfer of State National Security Committee and Ministry of Internal Affairs departmental archives to the Archival Agency, digitization of archival data.
How will the commitment contribute to solve the public problem? Citizens and researchers will have access to the previously classified archival data that will provide objective information on repressed persons, resume rehabilitation process, as well as establish objective historical data about the era from 1918 to 1953.
Why is this commitment relevant to OGP values? Transparency: This commitment will ensure citizens’ access to the previously classified archival data.

Technology and innovations: Introduction of new technologies through data digitization and access to the archived data online via the Archival Agency website.
Additional information
Milestone Activity with a verifiable deliverable Budget Start date End date
Activity 1: Ensuring public access to archival documents (dated 1918-1953).
1.1. Introduce changes and amendments to legislation, including interdepartmental regulations governing legal relations in the field of access to archival documents dated from 1918 to 1953, and thus facilitating public access to archival documents. Within the national budget November 2018 December 2019
1.2. Amend the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the Rights and Guarantees of Rehabilitated Citizens Affected by Repression for Political and Religious Beliefs, on Social, National and Other Grounds” dated 27.05.1994 No. 1538-XII. Within the national budget March 2019 August 2020
1.3. To give the SRS Archive Agency the status of an independent authorized state body. Within the national budget September 2019 August 2020
Activity 2. Creating a national open data platform for archival documents dated from 1918 to 1953.
2.1. Begin the transfer of declassified MIA and SNSC departmental materials to the SRS Archive Agency. Development partners’ funds

Within the national budget April 2019 August 2020
2.2. Start digitizing the part of declassified archival documents dated from 1918 to 1953, and ensure online search of archive documents. Development partners’ funds

Within the national budget May 2019 August 2020
2.3. Start publication of declassified documents and list of repressed and rehabilitated persons. Development partners’ funds

Within the national budget January 2020 August 2020
Expected result 1 1.1. Amendments on the opening of archival documents describing the functions of the relevant executive bodies (SRS, SNSC, MIA, MJ) have been adopted. Amendments facilitate public access to archival documents dated from 1918 to 1953.
1.2. Amendments to ensure public access to archival documents and the resumption of rehabilitation of repressed persons have been adopted.
1.3. The status of the Archive Agency has been changed.
Expected result 2 2.1. Transfer of a part of the declassified materials of the MIA and SNSC departmental archives to the SRS Archive Agency.
2.2. Part of archive documents are digitized. The access on the SRS Archive Agency website with searching system is provided.
2.3. Improving public access to declassified archival documents dated from 1918 to 1953.
Contact information
Name of responsible person from implementing agency Mr. Rakhat Derbishev
Title, Department Leading Specialist of the Population Documentation and Archiving Department of the State Registration Service
Email and Phone (0312) 665011, (0555)001683
Other Actors Involved – State actors involved MJ, SNSC, MIA
CSOs, private sector,multilaterals, working groups Mr. Myktar Tagaev (0773 769329,
“IC “Intebilim” (0553602375,,
PA «Precedent» (0550999807,,
Research Group "Esimde"


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