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Semarang, Indonesia

Providing updated information related to Covid-19 on the website (IDSMG0004)



Action Plan: Action plan – Semarang, Indonesia, 2021 – 2023

Inception Report: Not available

Commitment Start: Aug 2021
Commitment End: Dec 2023

Institutions involved:

  • Communication, Information, Statistics, and Crypto Agency
  • Public Health Agency
  • Pattiro Semarang
  • Transparency International Indonesia
  • Social Affairs Agency
  • KRMT Wongsonegoro Hospital

Primary Policy Area:

Primary Sector:

OGP Value:

  • Public Accountability
  • Technology and Innovation for Transparency and Accountability


Commitment ID


Commitment Title

Providing updated information related to Covid-19 on the website


Departing from the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for accurate and up-to-date information, the Semarang City Government initiated to build an integrated data and information platform related to Covid-19 namely Website Siaga Corona. This effort is done to improve the accountability of data and information related to handling pandemics in Semarang. The website provides important information such as disinfectant spraying schedule, Hospital Beds availability, availability of medical devices, social assistance information, vaccine information, and updates of information related to Covid-19 accessible for Semarang residents. The platform aims to enable residents to be proactive in checking and accessing the Siaga Corona channel to know the development of prevention and handling of the Covid-19 both by the Semarang City Government and independently.

Status quo

Siaga Corona displays data and information related to social problems (social assistance info, disinfectant sprayers) and health (Bed Availability Information, medicines, vaccines).


Provide information and data on Covid-19 prevention that is valid, complete, accurate, realtime, and integrated. To realize this, it is necessary to have easy and fast data processing technology, so that data availability can reach 100%. Also, data can be analyzed as a basis for decision making, so that planning for Covid-19 prevention can be done based on valid and measurable data. Future plans will develop features to:

  1. Data Service Vaccine Center
  2. Oxygen tube availability data
  3. Hospital contact data
  4. Centralized Isoman Place Data
  5. Blood Plasma Services
  6. Ambulance hotline and hearse
  7. Hotline of public health center
  8. Antigen swab/ PCR in medical facility
  9. Data of volunteers for the repatriation of bodies
  10. Highest retail price of drugs.


How will the commitment contribute to solving the public problem described above?

The data is collaboratively sourced from Regional Apparatus Organizations (OPD) and health and community associations, presented in real-time and open. The development of features on the website continues to be carried out, while the management of handling Covid-19 vaccination features is being built. The development of web-based systems service with Open API and/ or Data Mining-Crawling-Scraping integrated with the related OPD will enable information to be updated fast and accurately.

What long-term goal as identified in your Open Government Strategy does this commitment relate to?

Semarang City has a strategic vision namely “ Open, inclusive, responsive and participatory Semarang City through optimization of information technology for economic recovery of the community”. This commitment, in particular, aims to improve the commitment and quality of public services in Government Institutions to generate trust and participation from stakeholders.One of the long-term goals of the corona Semarang alert website can be a crowdsourcing database for health problems in Semarang city and connect with other big data ecosystems as well as the development of mobile apps version.


Primary Policy Area

Open Data, Right to Information

Primary Sector

Health & Nutrition, Science & Technology

What OGP value is this commitment relevant to?

Public Accountability Public Accountability
1. The community can monitor the development of Covid-19 cases in Semarang city to increase awareness in the community.
2. The public can monitor the performance of the Semarang City Government in efforts to combat Covid-19|


4 Milestones

Integrated information and data services management in with Covid-19 vaccination handling features

Start Date08/2021
End Date12/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete

Integrated data management in with bed availability feature in centralized isolation place (Mayor’s official residence, AHT Manyaran, Balai Diklat, UIN, and Wonolopo)

Start Date08/2021
End Date12/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete

Increase integrated information and data services in with the feature of adding drug availability data for Covid-19

Start Date06/2022
End Date12/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete

Improvement of Covid-19 information and data services integrated in with features for data updates and other healthcare services

Start Date06/2023
End Date12/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete


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