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South Africa

Mainstream Citizen Participation in the Public Sector (ZA0011)



Action Plan: South Africa Action Plan 2013-2014

Action Plan Cycle: 2013

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Department to Public Service and Administration

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

Capacity Building, Public Participation

IRM Review

IRM Report: South Africa End of Term Report 2013-2015, South Africa Mid-Term IRM Report 2013-2014

Starred: No

Early Results: Did Not Change

Design i

Verifiable: No

Relevant to OGP Values: Access to Information , Civic Participation , Public Accountability

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Focus on mainstreaming citizen participation in the public sector. Inter-alia ensure that every public sector department across all spheres has a functional, resourced and well capacitated citizen engagement unit which regularly and proactively engages with civil society.
In terms of the IRM report, whilst this was fully implemented there is a need to stretch the commitment now. The focus should now be on implementation and making the systems and process functional.
The DPSA is working with nine government departments (three per quarter) in the period 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2014, with the aim of institutionalising public participation in these departments. In collaboration with the Public Administration Leadership and Management Academy (PALAMA), the DPSA will provide training for officials in all departments to build internal capacity to successfully implement and sustain Public Participation activities in their respective departments.


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