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Tétouan (Municipality), Morocco

Proactive publication of information related to communal management and services (MATET0003)



Action Plan: Action plan – Tétouan (Municipality), Morocco, 2022 – 2026

Inception Report: Not available

Commitment Start: Jan 2023
Commitment End: Mar 2024

Institutions involved:

  • Directorate General of Services
  • Communications department

Primary Policy Area: Open Data, Right to Information

Primary Sector: Public Services (general), Other/NA

OGP Value:

  • Access to information


Commitment ID


Commitment Title

Proactive publication of information related to communal management and services


The municipality produces a large and diversified amount of information related to the management of municipal affairs, this information of a public nature remains inaccessible to citizens because of:
- The multitude of information producer services.
- The diverse typology of information.
- Non-production of summary documents intended for citizens.

Status quo

Even though the financial management documents, the monograph, and the communal action plan (PAC) are published online, the municipality continues to receive requests concerning the PAC, the monograph, and the accounting statements, which indicates a lack of proactive publication forms and tools used so far.


As part of the implementation of the provisions of Law 31-13 related to the right of access to information and in particular Article 10 related to proactive publication, the commune is undertaking an overhaul of its web portal to reorganize a page devoted to the proactive publication of management documents and administrative procedures.

Also, this electronic platform will be supported by a physical structure for access to information: the "citizen's office".

How will the commitment contribute to solving the public problem described above?

The commitment will contribute to better access to information by means of: better readability of the municipality's web portal by ensuring an intuitive presentation of information and for the sections of the population suffering from the technological barrier, a physical structure "the citizen's office" will be set up to provide the required information on request or remotely.

What long-term goal as identified in your Open Government Strategy does this commitment relate to?

This commitment relates to the transparency of municipal management, which is an important factor in increasing the confidence of citizens and their ownership of municipal projects and actions.

Primary Policy Area

Open Data, Right to Information

Primary Sector

Public Services (general), Other/NA

What OGP value is this commitment relevant to?

Access to information This commitment is relevant for the right of access to information since proactive publication is the initial mechanism that implements this principle.
It's also relevant for inclusion because many citizens are affected by technological barriers or the unsuitability of electronic media for their disability.


3 Milestones

Redesign of the municipality

Start Date01/2023
End Date06/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete

Creation of a space for access to information “citizen’s office”.

Start Date03/2023
End Date09/2023
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete

Development and publication of a guide to digitized municipal services

Start Date01/2024
End Date03/2024
  • Not started
  • In progress
  • Stuck
  • Finished
  • Incomplete


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