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Open Government Partnership

2023-2024 Annual Report

The past year (April 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024) has been an important time to advance open government on the global stage, make progress across policy areas, and rally the community to launch a new collective vision for the Open Government Partnership (OGP). 2023-24 marked the first year of the 2023-2028 OGP strategy, which was built by and for the entire Partnership. OGP countries are starting to put the strategy to action, while the OGP Support Unit (SU), the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM), and the OGP Steering Committee have worked to further operationalize the new strategy.

This annual report summarizes the progress the Partnership has made across the OGP 2023-2028 strategy’s five key objectives in the past year. This annual report aims to recognize the progress made by the members and partners that make up the Partnership, while conveying the role of the OGP Support Unit and the IRM in helping to realize the ambition of OGP. Specific activities and results from the OGP SU and the IRM are noted in line with the deliverables in the OGP SU’s 2023-2024 work plan.

Progress Update on the 2023-2028 Strategic Goals

STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Build a growing, committed, and interconnected community of open government reformers, activists, and champions

The Government of Estonia and OGP Civil Society Co-Chair Anabel Cruz co-hosted the OGP Global Summit in Tallinn, in September 2023 – the first in-person OGP global summit since 2019. The Summit enabled substantive discussions within and between civil society, governments, partners, and funders, helping to build momentum and leverage for reformers to advance their agendas.

STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Make open government central to how all levels and branches of government function and deliver on their priorities

In 2023, 55 OGP members submitted an action plan, including 39 countries, 14 local jurisdictions, and Kosovo. This represents 80 percent of the national action plans and 43 percent of the local action plans due in 2023 – the largest number of action plans received in a single year since 2016. This signals a strong continued interest in OGP from members, a resonance of the strategy with members, and the Summit serving as a galvanizing instrument for action.

STRATEGIC GOAL 3:  Protect and Expand Civic Space

In 2023, the OGP community continued to face challenges and shifts in the external environment on civic space across most OGP members. Despite these challenges, members are using the OGP platform to protect or expand civic space. A third of currently active national action plans and a fourth of local action plans have commitments relevant to civic space.

STRATEGIC GOAL 4:  Accelerate collective progress on open government reforms

At the OGP Global Summit in Estonia, OGP launched the Open Gov Challenge, which is intended to channel the ideas and energy of the OGP community into lasting policy change to tackle current and future challenges. The Challenge will incentivize all members of the Partnership to raise the ambition of reforms in ten key areas, including anti-corruption in the next five years.

STRATEGIC GOAL 5: Become the home of inspirational open government innovations, evidence, and stories

Key communications and knowledge products released in 2023-24 that showcased the Partnership’s work included and updated resources page, the data dashboard, the Open Gov Guide, and more.

Looking Forward

With elections, civic space concerns, and geopolitical conflicts shaping the external environment, building a stronger political coalition and support for open government values and approaches at local, national, and global levels remains essential.

The OGP SU will also continue operationalizing the 2023-2028 strategy as part of the OGP SU 2024-25 Work Plan.

Budget and Finance

All of OGP’s budgets, audit reports, and other financial information are available online. All figures below are in US dollars.



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