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The Response Policy, formally known as “Policy on Upholding the Values and Principles of OGP”, was adopted by the OGP Steering Committee (SC) in September 2014, and revised in 2017 to better advance the purposes it aims to serve. The Response Policy aims to maintain OGP’s credibility – and safeguard its long-term future – by helping to ensure that all Participating Countries uphold OGP values and principles, as expressed in OGP’s foundational documents, the Open Government Declaration (which all countries endorse when joining OGP, albeit in a non-binding, voluntary manner), and the Articles of Governance. The aim of actions OGP takes pursuant to the Policy will be to:

  1. Assist overcome difficulties and to help re-establish an environment more conducive to government and civil society collaboration; and
  2. Safeguard the Open Government Declaration and mitigate reputational risks to OGP.

The Response Policy may be triggered by one of the following persons or entities filing a Letter of Concern:

  1. A Steering Committee member – government or civil society
  2. A Multilateral Partner
  3. Any entity (other than an individual acting on his or her own behalf) which is or has been, involved in OGP at the national or international level and in the country that is the subject of the concern.

All Concerns should be addressed to the Steering Committee and submitted to the Support Unit for initial review, and include the information specified in Annex 1 to the Response Policy Procedures and Protocols (Letter of Concern Requirements).

Access the full Response Policy and its Procedures and Protocols here.

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