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Alimammad Nuriyev

Alimammad Nuriyev who represented in administration of Azerbaijan National Front Party since 1992 took very active part in the life of Party, in election processes, preparing bills and programs and he was chairman of election staff.

Besides political activities Alimammad Nuriyev carried out pedagogical activity. He taught law in several universities from 1995 to 2000. He also autor of publication called “Right is measure of the freedom”

At the same time he never stopped his activities as human rights defender and in he has been engaged with rights defense in 1996-2000.

As a deputy of parliament he always differed with his great attention to the officials’ arbitrariness, citizens’ social rights, improving people welfare circumstances. He especially differed with his activity on combating corruption in Milli Majlis. So he participated on preparing anti – corruption policy of country and program.

In 2003 he established Constitution Researches Fund and he is prezident of this Fund now.

He was elected as coordinotor of Information and Cooperation Network of NGO’s on Combating Corruption established in 2006.

Nuriyev was appointed member of Council Of State Support To Non-Governmental Organizations Near President Of Azerbaijan Republic with the order of President of Azerbaijan in 17 April, 2008.

He is member of board of Azerbaijan Bar Confederation, co-chairman of Azerbaican Bars’ Forum, member of board of EITI, member of work group on implementation of international standarts concerning human rights.

Also Alimammad Nuriyev participated in 14th International Anti-corruption Conference that took place from 10-12 November 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Preparing bills

Nuriyev was one of the authors of such bills as bill about elections to the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic, Status of municipalities, about minicipal and alternative bill about presedential elections in 1995-2000.

Alimammad Nuriyev was member of working groups on preparing bills “about Combating Corruption” , «about ethical behaivour codex of state employees” «about obtaining Information», «about conflict of interest on activities of officials» and many other.

He has taken part in preparing a number of bills  connected with improve of the legislation about MASS-MEDIA with the order of New Generation Journalists’ Unity (about  freedom of information, about public TV, about transmission of television and radio, about defamation).

In 2001-2005 years A. Nuriyev was member of working groups of Parliament preparing amendments and additions to the legislature on entrepreneurship (“Bill on state support to small entrepreneurship”, “Bill on unfair Competition” and etc.).

Alimammad Nuriyev is one of the authors of bill about State Secret prepared with order of the organization Free Person. He also prepared bill about Inclusive Education with the order of World Vision Organization.

He also as a member of parliament participated in preparation of additions and amendments to the bill on “Prevention of Disability, Rehabilitation and Social Protection of Disabled”. A. Nuriyev author of bills on “Education of persons with limited health (special education” and “Social Protection of disabled persons”

Alimammad Nuriyev prepared bill about Oil Foundation in 2009.

He has been member of working group on preparing bill about NGO’s (Funds) and he is chairman of working group prepared with aim to improvement og legislature connected with NGO’s by Council Of State Support To Non-Governmental Organizations Near President Of Azerbaijan Republic

Moreover “Bill on anti-corruption expertise of normative acts” was prepared by Alimammad Nuriyev.  At the present law draft on civic participation is being prepared.

A. Nuriyev prepared suggestions and amendments to the Bill on “Inclusive education” as expert of World Vision organization.

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