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Alonso Cerdan

Director, Country Support


With over 20 years of experience in transparency, accountability, and open government, Alonso spearheads the implementation of OGP’s strategy across four key regions. He provides strategic direction and support to regional teams, ensuring their programs and activities advance OGP’s mission of promoting open government and fostering a culture of transparency.

Alonso fosters collaboration with key stakeholders and regional leads to deliver on OGP’s goals at all levels. From global summits to country initiatives, his leadership ensures a strong regional presence. He also manages the C&S Subcommittee, cultivating a robust pipeline of success stories from OGP members across regions. Furthermore, Alonso actively represents OGP externally, advocating for open government principles on a global stage.

Prior to joining OGP, he honed his expertise working in both government and civil society organizations, fostering collaboration across sectors. Alonso holds a BA in Public Administration from El Colegio de Mexico and a MPA from Manchester University where he was a Chevening and Conacyt fellow.

He is currently based in Washington, D.C.

Alonso can be reached at and on Twitter at @alonso_cerdan.

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