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Portrait of Araddhya Mehtta

Araddhya Mehtta

Araddhya Mehtta is an influencing advisor for Oxfam international, where she leads Oxfam’s programme and policy influencing initiatives with a focus on governance and civic space. Araddhya is based in India but has worked on governance and essential services programmes in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Ghana and India. Previous to Oxfam, Previous to Oxfam, Araddhya was heading the Oxford Hub, one of the largest youth based organisations in the UK. Prior to Oxford Hub, Araddhya worked for the International Development Studies (IDS) Institute, Sussex, researching modes of collective action that bring about policy change in Brazil, Mexico and India and for Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) on the application of multi-dimensional poverty measurement in the global south. In India, Araddhya has been a consultant with the accountability Initiative at the Centre for Policy Research and worked for the Action North East Trust, a grassroots NGO focussing on health and women’s livelihoods. Araddhya is the spokesperson from Oxfam on civic space and has led the Oxfam delegation for the OGP summit 2015 and 2016.

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