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Portrait of Asa Strong

Asa Strong

Asa is a GIS Research Assistant for Global Forest Watch (GFW) within the Food, Forests, and Water Program. Asa is involved in acquiring and preparing geographic data for the GFW platform, and improving the efficiency of data management across the GFW platform. He uses GIS technology to analyze and map geospatial datasets related to the monitoring and management of forests, and writes blogs and other outreach material to communicate the findings of forest analyses. Finally, Asa oversees the development of the Global Forest Watch Open Data Portal.

Prior to joining WRI, Asa conducted independent research in Malawi, with a grant from Esri, where he implemented GIS technology at a local NGO, trained staff in participatory mapping and GIS/GPS technology, and studied Climate-Smart Agriculture adoption by smallholder farmers. Before his research in Malawi, Asa interned with Esri, the global leader in GIS technology.

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